PAW PROTECTION WAX - 100% Natural Ingredients

PAW PROTECTION WAX - 100% Natural Ingredients

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Wax Protection for your Dog’s

Your Dog's Paws are incredibly smooth and sensitive. Their pads become dry rough when their pads contact ice & salt, hot pavement, gravel rocks, and sand.

Ori's - Paw Protection Wax coats the paw with Beeswax which provides a protective layer.

We use 100% natural and organic oils to help soften and protect their paws.

How to Use Paw Protection Wax on your Dog's Paws PAW PROTECTION WAX

  1. Apply to your dog's pads before going out for a walk.
  2. If your Dog has really dry pads you can apply after each walk to help to heal the dryness.
  3. Paw Protection Wax can also be used on dry Noses!
  4. We use food grade & organic ingredients so the Paw Wax is lickable!

    Why use Paw Protection Wax on your Dog's ?

    • Salt and Chemicals
    • Ice build-up

    • Snowballing

    • Sand and sand burn

    • Hot pavement

    • Rough terrain
    • Can reduce effects of contact with allergens, like grass, pollen, or mold
    • Can also be used on dry noses!
    PAW PROTECTION WAX - 100% Natural Ingredients

    Food Grade Ingredients & Lickable!

    • Beeswax forms a protective barrier against the environment which helps to retain moisture and reduce dryness
    • Raw Virgin Coconut oil is an excellent skin softener
    • Hemp seed oil is rich in omega -3 & 6
    • Avocado oil has amazing moisturizing properties

    2 Sizes for Big Paws or Little Paws (Travel Size)!

    PAW PROTECTION WAX - 100% Natural Ingredients

    100% Natural Ingredients

      • Unrefined Beeswax (Cera alba)* - Québec
      • Raw Virgin Coconut oil (Cocos nucifera)*/** – Phillipines
      • Hemp seed oil - (Cannabis Sativa)* - Cold Pressed
      • Avocado oil (Persea Gratissima)* - Extraction: Centrifuge -New Zealand
      • Elderberry extract (Sambucus Nigra Fruit Extract) (Natural preservative)
      • Tocopherol (Vit. E) (from non GMO sunflower oil)

      100% Ingrédients naturels

      • Cire d'abeilles non-raffinée - (Cera alba)* - Québec
      • Huile de noix de coco vierge crue (Cocos nucifera)*/** – Phillipines
      • Huile de chanvre - non raffiné & presée à froid (Cannabis Sativa)*
      • Huile d’avocat - Extraction: Centrifuge (Persea Gratissima)* - New Zealand
      • Extrait de sureau (Sambucus Nigra Fruit Extract)
      • Tocopherol (Vit. E) (provient d'huile de tournesol non-OMG)