Meaning of Ori

Ori  means Shea butter in Yoruba, spoken by the Yoruba people of South West Nigeria and surrounding regions. The Shea Nut tree grows in the wilds of West Africa and the nuts are gathered by the women and processed into Shea butter.

Ori's Lavender Fields - Body Butter and Lavender & Rosemary Deodorant both use Shea Butter for its amazing ability to sooth dry skin and maintain healthy skin. Shea butter is recommended by the National Eczema Association to relieve eczema.

Ori  is also a common male Hebrew given name which means 'my light'. A female name with a similar meaning and sound is Orli which means 'light to me'!

That is how Produits Eco - Ori - Eco Products  was born!

Women who love to create with their hands!

I come from a long line of women who love to create with their hands. My mother, Mildred Bristow, was an Arts & Crafts specialist. My sister and I spent many wonderful hours as her guinea pigs experimenting with her new creations. My grandmother, Lillian Black, was an amazing Baker, I remember fondly her multi-flavoured and multi-coloured cupcakes as a child. My great, great Aunt Marie Black, was a Milner and my sister Alyson Belanger, creates 'One of a Kind Toys & Collectables' using a very old technique called Needle Felting.

I am a photographer and I have spent many years photographing local performers; musicians, actors, dancers and performance artists in the beautiful city where I was born, Montréal!

I have created Hand Painted t-shirts, Hand Painted jewelry, the iPhone Muff,  and now I am introducing Produits Eco - Ori - Eco Products!

  • I researched and created the products!
  • I designed the labels using my own photographs!
  • I printed the labels on my home printer!
  • I photographed the products!
  • I designed & built the website!
  • I wrote the copy!
  • I shot and edited the video!

Body Products

I started making my own body products because I am very concerned about the dangerous chemicals found in most commercial body products.

I began experimenting with raw shea butter or beurre de karité which worked wonders but was also very thick. I wanted a softer, silkier, smoother butter. I added Cacao butter and exotik oils like jojoba oil, avocado oil and hemp seed oil. I scented the body butters with essential oils and oil macerations which I create myself.

The body butter was so luxurious, not to mention it’s moisturizing and healing properties, that I felt I had to share my wonderful discovery!

I buy my raw shea butter from a local Senegalese man in Montréal who imports the butter from Mali. You can watch the lengthy process from gathering the nuts to cleaning, grinding, cooking and kneading the butter in this wonderful video by Global Mamas Pure Shea Butter Production Process.


If you have any concerns please drop us an email below and we will happily answer your question(s).