Wild Chamomile repels insects!

I macerate dry cultivated Chamomile in Jojoba oil and I have been adding it to Ori - PIKNIK - Insect Repellent. The bugs hate the smell of Chamomile!

I have been spending my summer learning about Wild edibles & finding them growing in the wilds of my urban city, Montreal!

I am discovering that many of the plants I loved to pick and smell as a child are turning out to be Wild Edibles.

Now as an adult I don't always remember what the plants looked like as a child but I do recognize all the smells.

It is said that our sense of smell or Olfactory sense has an incredible memory and we apparently remember smells from our ancestors too!

Wild Chamomile an ingredient in Ori - PIKNIK - Insect Repellent

In this photo I have transplanted Wild Chamomile into a pot on my back gallery.

It transplanted very easily and is happy in it's new environment!

I am planning to pick more, dry it, and macerate the flowers and leaves in Jojoba oil to add to my body products.

Did you know that Chamomile is good for ...?

  • Taken internally as a tisane (herbal tea) Chamomile is a mild sedative and calms the stomach
  • Externally in body products; it calms inflamed skin, repels insects, conditions your hair and steamed can clear a stuffy nose.
  • Wild Chamomile planted in your garden is said to help sickly plants, if you have any!

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