Ori's - PAW PROTECTION WAX - 100% Natural Ingredients

Ori's -  PAW PROTECTION WAX - 100% Natural Ingredients

Wax Protection for your Dog’s Shop here!

Why use Paw Protection Wax on your Dog's ?

  • Salt and Chemicals
  • Ice build-up

  • Snowballing

  • Sand and sand burn

  • Hot pavement

  • Rough terrain
  • Can reduce effects of contact with allergens, like grass, pollen, or mold
  • Can also be used on dry noses!

Food Grade Organic Ingredients & Lickable!

  • Beeswax* forms a protective barrier against the environment which helps to retain moisture and reduce dryness
  • Raw Virgin Coconut oil* is an excellent skin softener
  • Hemp seed* oil is rich in omega -3 & 6
  • Avocado oil* has amazing moisturizing properties



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