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Urban Foraging for Wild Edibles - WILD GRAPES!

Riverbank Grape - Wild Grape - Frost Grape - Vitis Riparia

Vitis riparia / Wild Grapes / Riverbank Grape / Frost Grape

I was super excited to discover Riverbank Grapes (Wild Grapes) growing on Île Notre Dame just off the island of Montréal.

I spotted them along the riverbank entwined in the tree tops.

I had heard that Wild Grapes grow across North America but I had never seen any!

Height of the Riverbank Grape

This vine grows very high, up to 17 metres.

Habitat of the Wild Grape

Wild Grapes can be found on riverbanks, forest clearings, fence lines and along road sides.

Cross Breeding North American Grapes

The Frost Grape has been cross breed with other grapes to produce a hardier grape that can withstand a colder climate in North America. The Frost Grape can survive at temperatures as low as −57 °C or −71 °F.

Many French-American hybrid grapes are a result of cross breeding.

Wild Edibles

The Riverbank Grape can be used to make jam, jelly, juice, wine, delicious!

The leaves are also edible and add a citrus taste to salads!

Riverbank Grape - Wild Grape - Frost Grape - Vitis Riparia


Vitis riparia


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